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What We Do

Machine learning

Anticipate and act upon opportunities to increase monetization.


Drive Better Business Outcomes with Cloud Solution


Drive up monetization by anticipating and acting upon opportunities in a timely fashion.

Big Data Solutions

Implement data pipelines, real time streaming analytics to process and analyze various types of structured and unstructured data.

Why Partner with us?

What our customers say about us?

  • Monetize Solutions partnered with us for the design and develop data analytics solution on Google Cloud Platform + Big Query. This results in our ability to shine a light on real business opportunities and real time monetization of these opportunities.
    Matt Mclean
    SVP Global Operations, Westfield Labs

  • Monetize Solutions was an invaluable partner in helping us build out and power cross-channel personalization and big data analytics. These capabilities are critical to drive up monetization of the customer base by enabling tailored experiences throughout the lead to customer journey.
    Mike Lee
    Director Marketing Strategy, Operations, and Analytics