Cloud Strategy

A good cloud strategy is the starting point of realizing the full potential of your company’s cloud journey. Some of the advantages of well executed company’s cloud journey are:

  • Disruptive services business model
  • Increase in business process agility and flexibility
  • Scalability – ability to support linear or hockey stick growth
  • Increase feature development velocity
  • Pay for what you use

Our cloud strategy solution include:

Cloud Automation

Cloud automation solutions enable agility, flexibility, scalability, zero downtime upgrades,
quality delivery at speed, auto scaling, self healing on demand using:

  • Setting up CI/CD pipelines, automating testing & release management processes, automated code quality and integration testing
  • Micro-Services journey using serverless technologies and/or containerization technologies such as mages creation, orchestration, auto-scaling, self-healing, and blue-green deployments.

Cloud Migration

Migrate and modernize on-prem applications to the cloud or migrate between different cloud systems. Get business value quickly from your Big Data and Machine Learning Solutions by migrating to Cloud. Modernize and migrate OLTP application to increase growth of your company.

We can help you with management and execution of entire migration process. Right from migration plan development to execution and using the best automation tools for communication and tracking progress.

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