Executives and thought leaders from major corporations now require that solutions tangibly effect the bottom line proving a positive ROI from business intelligence investments. Reports on Financial or Sales performance are helpful but not enough – at Monetize Solutions we are taking a different approach by focusing on solutions which tangibly impact the bottom line using big data technologies.

Below are a sampling of use cases where Monetize Solutions has helped or is helping clients today.


Commercialization – our customers often have transactions and data exhaust that is sitting idle which should be monetized.  Monetize Solutions has data partnerships with buyers and suppliers for commercializing and augmenting internal data.  Our customers have seen real benefit gains from commercializing.
Relevant Cross Sell / Up-sell Recommendations – our solutions reveal what is the optimal and contextually relevant cross/up sell recommendation set for each customer categorized by company functional area, resulting in millions of incremental revenue.
Customer / Prospect Behavior and Characteristics –  Monetize Solutions provides solutions which focus on extracting monetizable behavior and characteristics for buyer and user populations.  We also focus often on clickstream data incorporating cross channel/device analytics.  Across all our customers we differentiate ourselves by creating advanced micro segmentation.
Optimized Store or Location Inventory – revealing the optimal product inventory configuration given multiple variables including season, historical sales, economic demand indicators, and others. Having relevant inventory in the right location makes a huge sales impact.
Customer Churn Identification – our solutions rapidly test and build behavioral models of the customer using disparate data and can separate customers which pose attrition risk.
Business Alignment Alerting – changing business conditions can effect business demands in a positive way, requiring attention or a call for action.
Customer Product Ownership and Channel Preference –  it may sound simple but some companies struggle with knowing what products a given customer (and associated subsidiaries) actually own across the business and what channels they prefer to interact with.  From this knowledge can be born intelligent and personalized sales conversations and cross selling.
Risk Detection – early warnings of actual or potential business condition risk correlated with company knowledge from internal data (for example with product inventory levels or fraud).

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